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This is the core of this site! It contains small films with basic instructions over how to do different techniques! Remember that this is an art, not an exact science, so some techniques could be different from what you are used with, or what you have learned earlier, The ones shown here, works fine for the fighter that describes them, but are not guarantied to work for you! The basic idea is to give you a perspective over how other people do different techniques, not say that right and wrong!

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NOTE about stars:()
We have added a Stars system to Vitaporten.se, the stars are connected to the films but they do NOT messure how good the film is or how good the instructor is! The stars is there to help you sort out what films to start to learn first! One star is often one single movement, and more stars is several steps to compleet the teqnique. Its not said that the one star is the easiest moves! Its more like the ones you should start to practise at first!

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Sword And Shield

Disengage from dangerzone (535)
Now when you have learned to step into your opponent and hit him, you also have to learn how to step away. The basics of this exorcise is to do your series of blows, and then move away from the opponent in an angle from where you attacked. When you fight sword and shield guys, a good last blow would be one that higher the shield, so the opponent looses the sight of you while you start to retreat, and when fighting a great weapon, go for the legs so they have to lower their guard, from this position its harder for them to follow you directly.

Best training form:Pair,Group
By:Lord Keldor DeGeer, 2006-04-15

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