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There are tons of people who have contributed with films and their expertise, and without them the site would not be!
I pay for the server and some plugins for the site from my own pockets every month and have done so since 2005, so if you would like to help me out, please do so! All contributions, even the smallest are great, everything helps me to keep this project alive as long as possible.

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Patreon is a system to be able to be a monthly provider for something you like. There are no strings attached, you can se everything without being a Patreon, but by contributing you are helping us to make the site bigger and better. There are several different tiers to choose from, from the smales, a big mac/month to higher levels. I hope to see your name there!

Our first Patreon was the King of Drachenwald, Æríkr inn Hárfagri.

Dont want to help like that? Buy me a beer then?

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is a good place to start
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