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Howto be a part of

First of all..

Thank you for considering helping people around the world to be better fighters, to teach them to get around.

We need all the help we can get to keep this project alive. People who can be infront of camera, behind camera, can cut films, write texts and in other ways contribute to the page.

The goal

The goal is to bring knowlage to those who dont have it, and to those who are eager to learn more, learn new ways or who needs ideas for their next fighter practice.

The format and rules

The films should be short, contain one technique or a combination of techniques.
Make several films if you have more to show! in that way its easier to find what you are looking for on the site.

The film should have a splash screen for 5 seconds or so with the following information and format.
It should include technique name, tutors name, helpers name(optional), when and where it´s filmed.
At bottom the text ”More information about this technique and more films can be found on

Put it on the site
The film should be uploaded to Its good to have them all on one account so people can ”subscribe” to this project there too. people with ”crew” tag on the tutors page have access to the channels youtube channel. When your first film is online you can get your own account if you like, so you can edit your films text and your tutors information. Egil Drakhufvud can help you with an account. Anyone from any kingdom can contribute to this project if they wish!


Wanted films

Things that have been requested are the following:

  • Shieldwork, buckler
  • Shieldwork, Strapped heater
  • Shieldwork, roundshield
  • Thrown weapons
  • Axe and club
  • women fighting
  • Foot work

But also, more of the same

More films with techniques, checking out whats missing is great, do a film on something that has not ben shown yet, or do a film over a different approach on something that is already there. a lot of the old films are in a low resolution, we will take them offline when new ones arrive.


  •  Get armour, and what to look for, how to get it to fit and such things
  • Keep in shape: good training outside armourpractice
  • Warmups for fighting related training.
  • Visual explanation over what Martials handbook says about armour and weapons.
  • Compare shieldtypes, pros and cons.

We also have a section ”full classes” that we have taken away from the site right now. but there is one so you can get the idea over what we would like to have there.

<a href =””>Classes</a>



” white gate)
is a good place to start
your journey to become
a great fighter”